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Relationship Counselling can help you create the love and happiness you want in your life…

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Do you want to feel more secure in your relationship and closer to your partner? Do want better sex, better conversations and more fun? Lasting, intimate relationships don’t just happen – they start with attraction and then are built over time upon trust, communication, commitment and a shared vision of a life together. If you don’t have this now with your partner, you may need some guidance and support to create the love and the life together that you really hope for. Relationship counselling can help you create all of this and keep it… for life. 



Do you wonder how to free yourself from the same thoughts, feelings and behaviours so you can move into life the way you really want to? Individual psychotherapy can help you to understand what is keeping you stuck. Together we can work toward resolving issues such as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and confidence, relational problems, grief, trauma, and so much more. Psychotherapy offers a safe and collaborative opportunity to deepen your personal insight and move toward change and resilience. Life can be better - so let's get started. 



Supervision is like therapy for your ‘professional self’ where you can be challenged and supported to explore your skills, expand your clinical repertoire and continue to learn. Good supervision ensures your work is ethical, well informed, skilled and relevant to your clients and always includes elements of mentoring. I have been supervising students and professionals since 2003 and really enjoy exploring effective ways to work with a broad spectrum of client types and scenarios. I invite you to contact me for a chat about your supervision needs.

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